Mahogany longcase regulator of 1 year duration

Ref: 987


Elegant mahogany longcase regulator by Aime Jacob of one year duration. The maker is extensively described by Derek Roberts in his fine book on precision pendulum clocks. This regulator is numbered 50 and so is thought to be the last one made by this inventive maker. The delicate movement has a 6 wheel train with external dead beat escapement planted outside of the back plate. The large lead slab weight is hidden from view as it falls behind the false back board via a series of pulleys in the hood. The gilt wood rod pendulum has a huge lead filled brass bob. The beautifully engraved dial has ghost roman numerals with central hours and minutes and an extremely delicate central seconds hand.

H: 83 ½”
W: 17 ½”
D: 12”
Dial: 9 ½” Diameter