Exceptional and unique Pre GMT world time regulator.

Ref: 974


An exceptional and unique world time regulator by Todd of Glasgow in a monumental regency case sitting atop a faux marble base. The magnificent mahogany case has Corinthian columns and glazed trunk and the top is inset with a cast bronze classical frieze . The massive movement is of the finest quality with 5 double bronze screwed pillars, jewelled pallets, high count pinions and Harrison’s maintaining power. The separately suspended pendulum has integral beat adjustment and mercury compensation. The silvered weight has an integral pulley. The superb and fascinating large square silvered dial features many cities around the globe with their respective local times in relation to the UK’s and amply illustrates the reason a standard world time was needed!

Height: 79 ½”

Height: 69 ½”
Width: 24”
Depth: 14”

Height: 10”
Width: 28”
Depth: 15”

Dial Diameter: 12”Sq.