Brillié electric wall mounted regulator

Ref: 950


Rare wall mounted electric regulator by Brillié with mahogany glazed lift off case and solid marble back board.

In the early 20th C. Brillié produced a very limited number of one second pendulum regulators known as “mother clocks” they were supplied to observatories and train termini.

They run off a single D cell that lasts for over 4 years. The solid marble backboard is 2” thick and hangs off a wall mounted bracket that has integral levelling bolts.The lift off mahogany case has bevelled glass panels. The impressive pendulum has twin invar rods that terminate in a very large round brass bob over 4” in diameter.

The heavy brass and silvered dial has a skeleton centre and displays hours minutes and seconds.

Height: 56"
Width: 13"
Depth: 9 1/2"
Dial: 9" diameter