Longcase regulator with Riefler escapement by Godman

Ref: 841


Exceptional mahogany longcase regulator with Riefler double wheel spring impulse escapement by J.S. Godman, St. Albans.

Weight driven movement with gilded plates, fully jewelled with wheels of 6 crossings together with high count pinions and Harrison’s maintaining power.

The spring impulse escapement conforms to Riefler’s design with improvements made by E.T Cottingham and consists of a cast aluminium rocking frame with steel knife edges that rest on agate discs. Double escape wheels and jewelled pallets.

Number 2 in an edition of 3 clocks made by John Godman, a senior workman and manager at the famous chronometer makers Thomas Mercer of St. Albans. His work is so highly regarded that the other two regulators in this series are in museums today: No.1, which was the Thomas Mercer master timekeeper, is in The Clockworks Museum and No.3 is in the British Museum.

Height: 72”
Width: 15”
Depth: 10”
Dial Diameter: 9 ½”