Month duration Dent wall mounted regulator

Ref: 801


Rare month duration regulator by Dent No.1902 in an oak and ebony case. Circa 1848.

Rectangular signed and numbered weight driven movement with a 5 wheel train, external dead beat escape wheel and jewelled pallets.

Superb quality delicate wheel work with high count pinions, Harrison’s maintaining power and long two-piece crutch.

The movement sits on a very thick brass seat board held by classic Dent brass arms that are fixed through the back board to a massive cast iron wall plate.

The separately suspended patent steel jar mercury pendulum also sits on brass supports that pass through the back board.

The case has a decorative contrasting, coloured oak backboard with ebony edging and a separate, “lift-off” ebony strung fully glazed cover with winding aperture.

Height: 56”
Width: 12 ½”
Depth: 8 ½”
Dial Diameter: 10”