Ex-Admiral Fountaine Shortt-Synchronome slave No.24

Ref: 1116


A Shortt Synchronome slave No.24 . This clock is hugely important in the history of precision horology and astronomy, it was the slave clock to the Shortt Synchronome tank number 6 that was installed in the basement of Narford Hall in Norfolk by Admiral C A Fountaine. It was ordered in 1924 after the Admiral attended a lecture by the inventor and maker Frank Hope-Jones at the Royal Society of Arts. Admiral Fountaine’s observations were so precise that he identified and recorded a small six-monthly digression and insisted that it was due to nutation ( a periodical variation in the precession of the equinoxes caused by the moon’s gravitational pull ). This was subsequently confirmed and in 1927 Greenwich announced that they would in future apply the nutation figures as a corrective for their clocks. Unfortunately it was separated from the tank in the Sotheby’s sale of 24th April 1972. Interestingly it comes with a couple of letters from the great George Daniels who tried to buy it after the sale. Comes with an early 10” Diameter slave astronomical dial clock.

Height: 54”
Width: 15”
Depth: 8”
Dial Diameter: 9 ½”