Longcase regulator by Widenham

Ref: 1070


A mahogany and ebony longcase regulator by the esteemed prize winning chronometer maker Richard Widenham.

The regency mahogany case has inlaid ebony detailing and a sprung trunk door. The flat topped hood has a cast bronze bezel with thick bevelled glass.

The exceptional movement is hand-made and by a very skilled maker, I feel confident to say that this is the work of Widenham himself and likely to have been his own workshop regulator.

The wheel work is extremely delicate with a very high count train and six crossings throughout.

The dead beat escapement has jewelled pallets and an escape wheel with wide tips to prolong wear. There is Harrison’s maintaining power and stop work for winding. A beautifully made line guide ensures that the weight and pulley pass out of sight down the RH side of the case.

The whole of the movement is enclosed by screwed brass dust covers.

The 12” diameter heavy brass silvered dial is in classic regulator format signed Widenham London. The hands are beautifully delicate with wonderful detailing.

The mercury in glass jar pendulum beats against a large silvered beat scale.

This is one of the finest regulators I have handled and was built to the highest standards regardless of expense.

Height: 71 ¼”
Width: 16 ¾”
Depth: 9 ½”
Dial Diameter: 12”