Interesting Electric wall regulator by Baronek

Ref: 1054


Most unusual half second wall regulator by respected maker Anton baronek with Ferraris motor rewind.

Precision movement with rectangular nickel plated plates and delicate wheel work. Spring driven with re wind by electric Ferraris motor.( A fascinating type of electric motor that involves opposed magnetic fields that create air disturbance that “drive” a rough non-ferrous disc)Heavy brass and silvered dial in regulator format signed Anton Baronek Karlstein.a.d.TH (Karlstein an der Thaya , a region in Austria)

Anton Baronek was a distinguished and inventive precision clock maker who was always keen to explore modern developments in materials and science and their application in horology.Custom made walnut case with levelling bolts.

Height: 14 ½”
Width: 13 ½”
Depth: 6”
Dial Diameter: 10”