Exceptional weight driven regulator by Dren with bespoke wall bracket.

Ref: 1043


Rare and unusual weight driven table regulator in a mahogany and ebony balloon shaped case. Circa 1780.

Table regulators are rare but weight driven ones even more so, this is the only weight driven table regulator I have handled in some 30 years of interest in precision clocks.

The beautifully executed movement has shaped plates joined by 6 tapered and ringed pillars, very delicate and fine wheelwork and bolt maintaining power.

The duration of 8 days with such a small length of drop for the weight is achieved by an exceptionally narrow barrel of less than ½”diameter.

The silvered brass dial signed Thomas Dren London is of regulator format with central minutes and sub dials for seconds and hours with delicate, gilded hands.

The hour dial runs anti- clockwise, a style favoured by the best precision clockmakers such as Earnshaw, and there is no winding hole as the movement is wound via an endless handmade brass gilded chain.

The clock has a hand beaten lead weight and a steel rod pendulum with cast brass bob.

Height: 23 ¾”
Width: 13 ¼”
Depth: 8”
Dial Diameter: 6”