Numbered Dent wall mounted regulator.

Ref: 1040


Mahogany cased wall regulator by Dent No.1155 in early style dome topped case.

Classic Dent 8 day astronomical regulator dating from the middle of the 19thC.

Superb quality signed and numbered movement with signature tapered-top rectangular plates with external dead beat escape wheel, jewelled pallets and long two-piece crutch. Extremely fine wheel work with high count pinions and Harrison’s maintaining power.

The whole of the movement is covered in a damascened finish and sits on a cast iron bracket with an integral pendulum support.

Dent’s patent steel jar mercury pendulum with sliding timing weight reading against Dent’s instantly recognisable inches scale.

The clock is wound through the glass so that the air is not disturbed by the opening and closing of the door.

The silvered regulator format dial is signed Dent, London. Clock Maker to the Queen. No.1155 and has a 24 hour subsidiary dial.

Height: 59 ½”
Width: 16 ½”
Depth: 8 ½”
Dial Diameter: 11”