Miniature wall/Mantle regulator

Ref: 1029


A most rare diminutive Wall/Mantle regulator with beautifully made fusee movement of 8 days duration with ½ second mercury compensated pendulum.

This is the smallest regulator I have handled and must have been made by a chronometer maker as it has chronometer gauge wheel work together with the classic 4 ½” diameter dial that is normally found on marine chronometers. The case is of the highest quality and is made from satinwood as is the separate conforming wall bracket.

The large escape wheel of five crossings is planted on the outside of the back plate as are the large span dead beat pallets. If you do not have room for a conventional wall mounted regulator then this clock is ideal as it is only 24” tall including the wall bracket.

H: 15”
W: 7 ¼”
D: 5 ½”

Diameter: 4 ½”

H: 9”
W: 8 ½”
D: 6”