Wall regulator with award winning remontoire escapement by John Aitkin.

Ref: 1018


Unique wall regulator utilising the extraordinary and award winning remontoire escapement by John Aitkin. The robust movement is signed on the back plate J.Aitkin Fecit London and features stepped plates with 5 pillars, well executed wheel work, chain and fusee spring drive. The escapement that is an engineering tour de force features an escape wheel that is driven by a helical spring that is loaded via a porcupine like pinion with 8 “spines”.

The pinion acts upon an arbour that has 8 corresponding flats, whose appearance is rather like an engines crankshaft. The escapement is designed to give a constant force via the helical spring.

Judging by the shape of the plates and the many filled holes we can safely presume that this is the actual movement that was submitted to the Royal Society by John Aitkin and won the prize for innovation in 1824.

This unique and special movement has now been incorporated into to an age appropriate mahogany case and wall bracket with an inset glass panel to view this fascinating escapement.

Height: 27 ¾”
Width: 10”
Depth: 9”
Dial Diameter: 8”